Teaching of Foreign Languages behind the mask

主題演講者侯清儀 (香港日本文化協會前副校長)
講者陳洲 (恒大亞洲語言文化中心副主任)
葉雯靄 (科大語文教育中心導師)
王琳 (恒大亞洲語言文化中心導師)

The outbreak of COVID-19 posed unprecedented challenges to the educational sector.  In light of the adversity, CALC had organized a Webinar in November on “Teaching of Foreign Languages behind the mask” to share the difficulties encountered by teachers in delivering and learning a third or even fourth language.  Learning behind the mask would be difficult as a new language often involves a new set of pronunciation with different phonetics but tongue and lip movement cannot be observed in the current situation.  The open to all webinar was conducted on Zoom in September 11.  We are honoured to have 侯清儀 (香港日本文化協會前副校長) as the keynote speaker to share his recent experience of leading and teaching foreign languages in Taiwan.   Our tutors of Asian languages Mr. Chan Chau, Miss May Ip and Lillian Wong also shared their stories of teaching Japanese and Korean in Hong Kong.  Problems ranging from time, teaching mode, technical adjustments as well as students’ attendance and feedback were discussed.  We anticipated that the experience and tips sharing together with the help of technology would streamline the delivery of lecture material so that learning would not be impeded by the pandemic.