Director’s Message

It is with great pleasure to welcome you to our Centre’s Website.  We hope you will get to know more about us, and benefit from what we can offer to learners like you. The 21st century is the “Asian Century” as Asia is a region that is full of potential and development opportunities. Our objectives are to enhance students’ Asian language proficiencies through remedial courses for recognized language tests and exams, and to arouse students’ interest in learning Asian language through taster courses and cultural activities so as to cultivate students’ awareness on development trend and potential in Asia such as the Belt and Road Initiatives.  We will provide a platform for students and learners to explore development opportunities and potential partnership with external parties in Asia.  Other than our official webpage and Facebook, we will issue newsletters and printing materials as well as organizing exhibitions, seminars, workshops, sharing sessions and language courses as we strongly believe that multilingual proficiency and cultural awareness will better prepare us for the competitive working environment. We hope you will join us soon in your learning journey and be equipped to capture the opportunities that the “Asian Century” has to offer.  Therefore, do pop in to our website every now and then to keep track of our sharing and new activities.


Dr Rami Chan
Centre for Asian Languages and Cultures (CALC)