Asian Fest 2020: “Learning Japanese 88 Key words in 3 Days” Book Talk
亞洲節2020: 《3天學完日本語N試88個合格關鍵技巧》新書分享會

Mr CHAN Chau
Associate Director, CALC


Date and Time:
15:15-17:00, 20 Nov 2020

Asian Fest was wrapped up by an educational book talk for the new book release of “Learning Japanese 88 Key words in 3 Days” by Mr. Chan Chau, Associate Director of CALC.   Japanese culture has long popular in Hong Kong for all ages particularly the youngsters.   Japanese guided tour is among the best seller in peak season before the pandemic.  Young people like to explore the country on the pace suitable to their liking so that they can venture and explore more about Japan other than tourist attractions.   Learning Japanese is also popular in Hong Kong as it can break the language barrier.  The new book aims to help students to learn 88 key words frequently used and relevant to Japanese daily lives in 3 days.  It is meant for students who are preparing for Japanese language examinations, tourists as well as those who are interested.  On top of teaching students how to pronounce the words in his book, Mr. Chan Chau also wanted to share in the book talk, the tips on how to master the language by understanding the culture and customs of the Japanese people in a lively and humous manner.