Asian Fest 2020: Belt and Road Series – The Thai Talk
亞洲節2020: 一帶一路專題講座 – 泰度人生:一次叛逆解放的出走

Henry Yiu,
Instructor, CALC


Date and Time:
13:30-15:00, 18 Nov 2020

The Thai Talk was one of the highlights of the Asian Fest 2020.  The Talk had received overwhelming responses from students.  The Zoom room has never been busier.  Students wre impressed by the interesting sharing of Henry as he describes the land, the people, the culture, the tradition and the rituals from his point of view as a tourist and a student.  As a freelance translator, Henry embraces diversity and thrives in multicultural environment.  Henry shared his interesting experience of touring, studying and living in Thailand.  Henry was fascinated by the Thai culture when he toured across Thailand on his own from the north to the south years ago.  After he came back to Hong Kong, he wanted to explore more about the Thai language, music, TV shows and movies.  The more he learnt about the culture, the more he wanted to experience.  This obsession eventually led to his decision of studying in Thailand to feel the pulse the local Thai living, and learn more the vibrant culture, charming tradition, colourful history of Thailand.