Asian Cultural Week 2021: Thai BL Drama Discussion Forum
亞洲文化 ‧ 繽紛四月 — 泰 ‧ 火熱:風靡全球的 BL 泰劇你知多少?

Henry YIU
Instructor, CALC


Guest speaker:
P’Kim (阿金)
Thai Drama KOL


Date and Time:
15:00 – 16:30, 26 Apr 2021

In recent years, Thailand has become a cultural exporter of BL-themed publications, ranging from romance fictions to films and TV dramas. The term “BL”, which stands for “boys’ love”, originates from the Japanese word “Yaoi” and depicts a homosexual romantic relationship between two boys. The growing popularity of this emerging trend has even spread to the entire world.



What has actually led to the prevalence of the Yaoi fandom across the globe? Is it just a coincidence? What makes these series go viral? In the forum, several popular Thai BL series were featured and participants could gain better insight of the recipe of Thai BL drama dominance.



近年泰國同性戀題材 BL 劇勢不可擋,更帶領「腐」文化走向顛峰 ,到底為甚麼這股熱潮能席捲全球?是偶然的巧合還是另有玄機?當中又有甚麼成功的因素?想知道箇中因由,不妨參加今次的講座,與嘉賓主持暢談近年泰國熱門 BL 劇。

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