Asian Cultural Week 2021: Overseas Cultural Exchange amid the COVID-19 Pandemic — Taiwan and Southeast Asia context (co-organised with the Centre for Greater China Studies)

亞洲文化 ‧ 繽紛四月:疫情下的海外交流和產學協作——台灣和東南亞的經驗 (與大中華研究中心合辦)

Dr Rami CHAN Hin Yeung
Director, CALC


Guest speaker:
Prof. Samuel C. Y. KU
Professor of the Master’s Degree Program on Southeast Asian Studies,
Wenzao Ursuline University Of Languages


Date and Time:
15:00 – 16:30, 29 Apr 2021

Asian Cultural Week was wrapped up with an in-depth interview with Prof. Samuel C.Y. KU, who is specialised in cultural studies on Taiwan and Southeast Asian (SEA) nations. Co-organised by the Centre for Asian Languages and Cultures (CALC) and the Centre for Greater China Studies, the Talk mainly featured how cultural exchange activities between nations could be realised or practised even in face of the severe global pandemic situation with specific reference to Taiwan and SEA countries. The Talk was conducted in Mandarin and participants’ responses were overwhelming.

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